Blocked Payments For The Vaccines

  • Vice president Delcy Rodríguez provided some information on the impact of sanctions: out of the ten million dollars that Venezuela still owes COVAX to buy vaccines against COVID-19, one batch of transfers has been blocked. 
    • Delcy explained that out of the $10,031,000 the country owed, four payments were made but UBS bank blocked them because the payments are being investigated. They reported it to the Venezuelan ambassador in Geneva on Monday, June 7th, so the regime has known for at least four days but they decided to report it yesterday.
    •  Delcy said that in addition to the letter from COVAX they received a notification from the bank. 
    • They didn’t explain what bank accounts they were using and what changed between these transfers and the previous ones, by 109 million dollars.
  • ANC-imposed prosecutor general Tarek William Saab insisted that people are using social media to impact the International Criminal Court’s decision. He assured that they presented yet another report to the ICC, condemning the alleged “media manipulation that has characterized the preliminary phase.” With this, he undermines the ICC’s protocols and procedure and minimizes the relevance of the evidence delivered to this institution for years. We still don’t know if the ICC will open an investigation or not. 
  • Yesterday, after 22 years of chavismo, Maduro’s AN admitted to procedural delays made worse by the pandemic, overcrowding and extortion in prisons, and human rights violations in preventive penitentiary centers. 
  • Carreño said that there are 43,121 prisoners in Venezuela. 26,160 of which haven’t been sentenced. 
  • The president of the Education Assembly, Tulio Ramírez, said that before we can think of returning to schools, we must have better conditions that allow a safe return. He said that we need the political will to do so. 
  • Five women, three military and two civilians were arrested in Aragua for stealing and reselling the vaccine (Vero Cell)  in Aragua. The doses were assigned to Maracay’s Military Hospital. 
  • President Biden announced he’s buying and donating 500 million doses of Pfizer to donate to low-income countries. 
  • El Nacional said that they now have to pay 30.05 million dollars to Diosdado Cabello for “moral damages”. 
  • Family members of Captain Luis de la Sotta and other military officers in prison for political reasons warned that the envoys of UN High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet have been denied access to prisons. 
  • A group of women protested in Caracas to demand the end of impunity in cases of gender violence and femicide. 
  • CNE vice president Enrique Márquez requested opening an investigation on VTV for using their programming to favor PSUV. Diosdado Cabello said he hasn’t done such a thing. Roberto Picón said that state media can’t be used as a tool for intimidation. Márquez assured he’s trying to solve the cases of opposition’s candidates barred from running, but that it depends on TSJ. 
  • Gilber Caro, deputy to the AN elected in 2015, challenged Pedro Carreño to prove the authenticity of the photos that he used to tie Caro to a criminal gang. Caro is the opposition leader that the regime has thrown in jail more often. 

  • Chavista governor of Sucre Edwin Rojas, led a political event with over 900 people in a theater in Cumaná, breaking biosafety rules.
  • The trial of the president of the Sole Union of Oil Workers Eudis Girot has finally started but he will remain in prison.

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Author: Naky Soto

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